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OK, I have a doe that kidded on the 15th of Jan. She had twins, and she is the one that took on the orphan doe.

My question is, she will not eat her grain at all. But she eats her hay like CRAZY, which is great. She is a first time mom and a good one that we have noticed. All the babies seem to be growing fine and are active as ever.
My concern is, she hardly has a utter at all. It is rather small and to be nursing all three I was a little worried about it, and being she will not eat any grain, no matter what we give her.

Is there anything that anyone has ever done to help their does? I was going to give her a little calcium paste just to make she she is not losing any because of all the babies.

Like I said the babies are doing great, and no one seem to be lacking in food. Maybe I am just a worry wart, but I hate to stress her being she is a FF and all.
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