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Anxiously Awaiting Cocoa's Baby(s)

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I'm so excited! Our Nigerian Dwarf doe, Cocoa, is expecting. I've been watching her closely because I don't know when she's actually due. We bought her at an auction a couple months ago, and was told she should be bred bit were not given any dates.
She caught my attention this morning because she was being very vocal. I can tell her ligaments have relaxed/stretched, because her tail is pointing down, you can see her hips/spine very well, and she's walking/standing in a wider stance.
I keep checking on her progress. I really want to be with her to witness the birthing, as it would be my first viewing of an animal birth.
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Happy kidding! Make sure you share baby pictures afterwords!
Don't you just love unknown due dates lol. I also bought a doe a few months ago....they said due in November. I have been swearing she is going to have them every day for the last week lol. Good luck with your kids....I also love seeing kid pictures ;) ......since we both have unknown wanna have a race? Lol
She hasn't bagged up yet, but I've read that I can happen after delivery.
I'm up for a race lol. I'll post pics as soon as she delivers.
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