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Ever since I got my goats a year ago, I can't seem to find a goat vet. :scratch: When we went on vacation last year out of the country, one of my goats contracted goat polio. The pet sitter couldn't find anyone who would come out and treat her. Luckily she took matters into her own hands and gave her Vit B, nutra-drench, etc. and my sweet, sassy Ginger recovered.

Now, I would like a vet to come out to band/burdizzo our little buck, give shots, etc. Does anyone know of a vet who will come to our place in Sharpsburg, GA? We are about one hour south of Atlanta, in between Newnan and Peachtree City.

Maybe one of the experienced goat people on this board who live around here can come out and help me do what needs to be done? :shrug: I will gladly pay a "vet" fee.
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