Any hope for this Doe? Acting Bucky worse and worse

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Peggie, Nov 30, 2017.

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    I have a doe that is about 6 years old. She has never conceived but we never had a buck as my does were pets. About 2 or so years ago a buck from the neighbor broke out and got at least 2 of the 3 girls and one had a kid, other 2 did not. Last year a buck from another neighbor got into our pasture and got our girls and 3 had kids, this goat did not. She then broke into someone's pasture from a downed tree we did not know about and she was wandering with that herd for about 10 days before we got her back. She has since acted bucky and never got pregnant even though we know she was with at least the one big buck in the herd. Now she is chasing our does around, humping them, even the 5 month olds, and has all of us totally stressed out. Is there anything we can do? Give her? I hate to put her down but she has to be miserable and she is stressing us all. Right now she is out in the yard and the others are all in our back yard.

    I am hoping there is someone on her that can help me know what to do.
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    I don't feel this behavior is reason for euthanasia

    What do you mean by "any hope"? Is there a chance she will ever be successfully bred? Or just that she will act less dominant? Have there been any recent changes in herd dynamics? Is she sparring for herd queen position perhaps?

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    Also know that does may often "hump" other does when they are in season. She may have not conceived during her time for many reasons, ....time of heat, her health and possible mineral deficiency and also that of the bucks. This is normal behavior during cycling. If you don't want this, think about selling her to a good home and getting wethers.
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    Since she was out of the herd, she is reestablishing herself. It should settle down.
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    I have a Bucky doe also - I use herbs ( Chasteberry) to help balance her hormones - but I have to keep it up.

    I’m trying to find out how to help her, I came across an article by Sue Reith called “Reasons why the doe won’t settle”.

    It might be helpful- sort of strange that she has never conceived even during the accidents - but that could be timing!

    I know how frustrating it is! I shot out of the house one day when I heard a buck in the barn on the baby monitor! Turns out Fanny had gotten very good at impersonating a buck!

    Now she goes from Fanny to FannyBob thanks for the reminder to start her herbs again.
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    What does her vulva look like? She could be a hermie.
    Many yrs ago I had a pair of cousins who never settled. They both acted bucky & never did let a real buck mount.
    One was butchered. I asked the guy to check for excess fat around reproductive organs. She had NO ovaries!

    ETA Both does plumbing appeared normal.
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    Very good advice given by all.