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We take baby goats to school every year. We have never taken an adult, but we take milk, we pasturize it and the kids get to make ice cream out of it. They always seem to have a lot of fun, and with th ice cream maker it only takes a few minutes. We usually just make vanillia as i never know what kids are allergic to. There is a letter sent home with kids about two weeks before and parents are invited to attend on that day. After the kids are all hyped up on sugar we let them run around with the baby goats, they all get a chance to feed the babies their bottles. Last year dixie (one of the goats) had a great time on the slide. The kids thought it was great that she would get on top of the little slide and then slide on her belly all the way down. Its a great time and the kids learna lot. parents like asking quezstions and its a great oppertunity for a lot of people that would otherwise never get the chance to touch or play or even see a goat.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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