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We have two 7 1/2 month old bucks and a whether (not sure how it is spelled due to seeing it a couple different ways! LOL). Anyway, a few of our girls are drawing interest from the boys :eek:hlala: , which is causing some very serious competition. :dazed: The one male can only be bred to 3 of our girls and the other can breed 4 of the 6. It would be great to get to keep them all but that isn't possible.

Here is a couple photos of P'nut. He is the one we are looking to sell but don't know where to start as far as price. His mom is registered but she is approx 90-95% Boer. I am not sure of the father but should be able to find out. I have to paperwork for mom but not with me right now. Is there a time limit to register a kid after birth? Do I need paperwork on the father to register?

And any suggestions on asking price for this guy? He is so gentle. He actually will follow me around. When I was taking these photos, he wouldn't leave me alone or I would have got better images.


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The father would have to be registered either Purebred or Fullblood in order to register him. That's with ABGA. If you own the father he would have to be registered in your name or you would have to have a service memo from the owner of his father. In my area (Kansas) commercial bucks usually sell anywhere from 100-200. Registered fullbloods start around 300 and go up. I would get on Craigslist and start looking at other ads in your area to see what others are selling bucks for

Edited to add: I don't think there is a time limit but I think the price does go up after 17 months
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