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Im looking for a nicely made goat goat for our semi disable little wether. He was suppose to be a meat/market wether but came down with puenomia and then joint ill a few weeks before the others left ( he was about 3 months ) He is fully recovered and lucky him, a nice pet, but is a little smaller than the others, his hips USED to be a little off but have now centered out and he cant use his back legs to support himself ( like when goats jump up to head butt, he cant do that ) but he can walk and running isnt too bad of problem for him. Anyways on to the acual post....... I want to make sure that he will stay nice and warm in winter so can anyone direct me to a online page or someone that makes nice heavy duty ones for a decent price. Ive already heard of the dog coats from walmart ect and the other 21 will most likely get thrift shop shirts but i want one for him that will last a long while. Thanks for any help, sampson says thanks aswell!

Pictures are included, first two are of sampson now and last two are when we wernt even sure if he was going to make it.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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