Anyone have experience with herpes

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    Feb 28, 2011
    My neighbor and I share a fence. I have brush/dairy/boer/kiko mixes. My neighbor has boers. My Kiko mixed billy had finished serving my nannies last fall and decided to help my neighbor out. A couple of months ago my neighbor comes around and says he has lost 20 babies (still born). He thinks my billy gave his nannies herpes because one of the still borns, according to the vet, had the herpes virus and has copper deficiency. He was in between two billy last fall (selling one and acquiring a new one) but swears the one he has now didn't breed till later in the fall. Interesting though he said he had 9 kids that made it and they all look like my billy. I have called the UT lab and state lab which both say they don't test for herpes so I am not even sure where this vet is getting his information.

    Has anyone had experience with the herpes virus?
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    Never heard of herpes in goats so I can't help you there.

    What test did the vet do on the stillborn kid?

    If a herd has a bunch of early births and stillborns I think Chlamydia

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    I agree with Stacey...I to ....never heard of herpes in a goat.... :scratch:

    Their are other diseases... that can cause it as well ...