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anyone know if there is a safe natural insecticide to use on bushes that goats eat?

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The property we rent was lined with huge olive bushes and hibiscus not only for a border and privacy but as a food source for the goats here on the 6 acre pasture. After our drought last summer the olive hedge is infested with white flies and they cause a black fungus to also grow on parts of it that are the worst. The olive grows every's out of control if we don't clip it...our clippings always go to the goats. even at that we constantly have a mile high pile of the left over sticks to burn or rent a chipper for. For decades here it's become a source of food for these goats. Its been especially important to have during this awful drought we have been having in Hawaii.

Are the white fly eggs on the leaves going to hurt the cause some sort of parasite in their system? Or is this something worming will help control? We do hose off the branches after we clip them...but that only gets off the actual white flies as the eggs are stuck to the bottom of the leaves.

also do you know of anything I can spray on the hedge that won't hurt the goats? Maybe something natural like an essential oil?
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Have you tried Diatemacous Earth? I feed it to my goats, so it shouldn't hurt.
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Have you tried Diatemacous Earth? I feed it to my goats, so it shouldn't hurt.
oh..I didn't think of that.....I have some I got from a feed store that I used to put on my pet chicken. I can feed it to my goat and her 3 babies? So like sprinkle it on their alfalfa much and how often?

If you meant put it on the bushes...the hedge is huge and spans around half our applying it to the bushes and getting it on the underside of the leaves might be difficult. Esp with the trade would blow right off. Plus we get light misty rain here in hawaii almost it would become innert after applying pretty quickly.
I was going to suggest Diatemacous Earth too.
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Sorry for the delay in my reply. I put diatemacous earth in my herbal dewormer. I couldn't find the recipe I use, but here's a similar one. I mix it in their grain/pellets. Homemade Herbal Animal Dewormer & Tonic | Liberty Homestead Farm
I've heard that you can mix DE with water and spray it on plants, but I've also heard that that deactivates it, so that's not much help.
As soon as it gets wet, it no longer works correctly,
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