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Anyone use Nutrena goat feed?

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I'm trying to switch from Noble goat dairy parlor, because it is getting exceedingly difficult to find it stocked anymore. The local (Dels) TSC is usually out if you don't go on Thursdays. Costal doesn't carry it. I was looking at the ingredients for Nutrena, and their feed is 17% protein, and their (all stock) is 14% protein, which is up 2% from the all stock made by purina. I'm considering the switch. It is a little more expensive not a lot though. As soon as I get going in the school bus driving job, then I can afford to make my own, actually Goathiker's recipe.... Until them my clan needs a little cheaper food:)
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I've used nutrena and have been very pleased with it. I didnt use it when I was raising market wethers for show, but as a general goat grain I was pleased. The goats liked it too.
Cool! Comparing it to Purina it's more nutritious for them... Thanks:)
Yep! Just watch the molasses amount in those feeds. Usually, as with all brands of a three or four way, you're buying mostly molasses and corn. Personally, I'm okay with it because I don't feed mine grain on a regular basis, but I know other people don't like feeding grain with the corn and lots of molasses. Nutrena's goat feed doesn't have molasses in it. It's a dry three way, but it does have corn. Corn is simply a filler and it is true that it'll make them hot. So it can be a nice boost for them in the winter.

The most important part of raising livestock is find something that works best for you. Everyone has their own different opinions on what is right. Nobody can agree on a whole lot about things, especially with goats. There hasn't been a whole lot of research done on goats. They are starting to but have a long way to go. In addition, people are in different situations. Some people can afford to feed "top quality" feeds. Others have multiple species so they feed a generic grain mix because its cheaper. Take advice with a grain of salt and find what works best for you an your animals :)
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