Anything I can do at home for a dog with an abscess?

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    Back in April my husband's dog, Buddy, was fetching sticks and caught the sharp end in his mouth and then fell on it. He was drooling blood and couldn't eat or drink, so off to the vet we went. Vet scoped his throat and found scrapes and scratches, but no major damage done. A swelling had come up under his neck and the vet said it was a hematoma and should go down in a few days. It was still there but noticeably smaller in about 5 days. Buddy has thick fur and a rather jowly neck and since he seemed all better I quit checking on it. A week ago I was rubbing under his chin and darned if that swelling isn't still there. I kept an eye on it and it was getting larger and harder till it was bigger than a golf ball. It wasn't bothering him, but it was bothering me, so back to the vet's. He aspirated it and it is an abscess. He thinks a sliver of wood may have lodged in his throat tissue. Buddy is on oral antibiotics for 10 days hoping to clear it up. If it doesn't clear up by the end of the 10 days the vet said to bring him back to have it drained. I would really like to avoid another trip to the vet if we could. Is there anything I can do at home to help this thing heal?
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    Personally , i wouldn't do anything. Let the vet do the draining , removal of the splinter (object ) and flushing. It sounds like it could be more involved and needs the attention of a vet. I totally understand you wanting to avoid a vet bill , i really do , but this seems like something that a vet should take of. And if this happened back in April , there must be a whopper of a splinter still in there that the body is trying to push out.

    To me it sounds like your vet has intentions of doing more of a exploratory exam if it doesn't heal up this time around. And he/she will most likely give your dog a sedative or at least take the edge off while he is working on him. IMO , thats in your dogs best interest.
    And he will need a good round of antibiotics afterwards im sure.

    Good luck :)
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