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Apha mare for sale. Tob-overo with medicine hat. Blue eye on the left partial blue eye on the right.
Possibly bred to a 1/2 horse stud for a 3/4 horse foal. The stud is part QH, TB, Appaloosa, Paint, Hackney, Shetland Pony, Mustang, and a few other things. The stud is a red, white and black paint, throws color, throws mostly girls. Proven stud.
I believe she might be bred as she doesn't have true cycles lately. She will stomp and squeal but no peeing or winking. Has been a few months since her last true cycle.

She is almost fully broke to ride, but not there yet. She knows the basics, turns, goes, stops. She is more of a hackamore horse, and working on neck reigning.
She is very good while being saddled, you can also jump around, flail, make noises, rock the saddle, flop around on her and she won't move.

She is SUPER easy to catch, she will 90% of the time come to you, the other times she will stand there while you go get her.
Halters, leads, ties, bathes, trims, trailers, lunges, saddles, etc.
She will "quick turn" when leading through gates. Meaning as soon as she goes through a gate she will turn right before you turn to close the gate. Takes a lot of hassle out of it.

She loves to be brushed, will stand there for hours.

She is great on fences and above ground pvc water pipe lines (does NOT step on or wreck them)

Has had several foals in the past, produces big ,stocky foals.

She is a blocky, wide set mare. Bug girl all around, just not the tallest.

She is a tad over 14 hands, and she's around 1000lbs

DOB is May 08 1993
Reg. Name is Trinity Time

She has great blood lines. They include,
Man O' War
Steel Dust
Lucky straw
Win or Lose
Three Bars
Joe Reed
King Ranch horses
Fair Play
And a LOT more famous lines.

She comes with her papers, and if she is bred you can keep the foal, or bring it back, or pick her up after she weans the foal.

She is eligible for registration in the American Blue Eyed Horse Association.

I am asking $500 firm or I will trade for,

ADGA registered alpine buck or does, ABGA registered does, Milk Cow, Neapolitan Mastiff puppy, hay, feed, fencing, AQHA reg. true Buckskin filly or colt (or either under 5 years) has to be true buckskin, not a "smutty" not a dappled, not a buttermilk, not a roany, not any but a real buckskin.
Or will do partial trades.

If interested let me know.
pictures coming soon

Thanks for looking!

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Pics are from last june and a few weeks ago.

Pretty sure she is bred. Have not seen a cycle in a while.

And I meant to say will do part trades, full trades, or all cash.


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