APRIL IS HOME photo and mum built a KID CREEP

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    On Sunday we brought our 12 week old Boer/Nubian doeling home from her breeder. She was stressed and upset about being taken away from her herd and shoved in a totally new goatie shed with totally new goatie smells. She called a bit but ate and hung around until I brought Cissy and Mione in. Cissy went straight for her and spent the next few hours ramming her into walls and beating her up. Soon enough April found the hay feeder and had slept on it overnight away from the girls. I was concerned but I'm in Toronto and couldn't do anything about it (by the way, holding Cissy back from April is when I discovered the lump on her neck). Today mum threw Cissy and Mione out into the pen behind the garage for the day and spent the day putting together a creep for April to go in away from Cissy and Mione to get hay, feed, and water.

    Meet April...


    Its very small mostly because there isn't a lot of available corner space in the goat shed and she had to make it out of materials we have hanging around.. like the pickets. I'm hoping the pickets are incentive NOT to jump it, she left a small "kid door" near the bottom for April to scoot through and she said April has been in it a few times to eat and hang out, ect. Mum was thrilled, she said that April was very nosey during the whole building process and even stood in the creep while mum built it around her. As you can see, she was super interested in mum taking the photo (look at the bottom of the photo lol)


    Hopefully April is accepted and gets her place in the herd soon and hopefully she takes advantage of the creep later on tonight when Cissy and Mione are brought back in. I suspect by the time I'm home again that April will have become socialized with the family. Mum gave her some grain this morning as she didn't get any last night (though she tried!) and she was quite hungry, so it looks like the goatie grain will be a good incentive for her to be patted and such.
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    Great idea to let April have her own corner! Your Mum did a good job too, I hope that April uses it instead of the hay rack! :wink:

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    Me too :) while I admit it was pretty cute watching the two bully Pygmy's eating the hay from the bottom while April ate it around her feet. Probably the calmest moment of yesterday.

    As a bonus of April standing on the hay, I never have to worry about someone not packing the hay down nice and firm so it takes longer for the goats to eat it... She does a very good job of it.