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Are my Nigies bred?

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Here is Button Bear(Black) and Dolly Llama(White). They were taken to the buck on October 16. I got them back on October 31. The buck wasn't interested anymore, and the breeder saw one getting bred, and the buck was acting "funny" around the other, following her around and all, so I got them back at two weeks. There have possibly been some heat signs, but I'm not 100% sure if they've gone into heat or not. I am wondering if they are really bred or not? She said I could bring them back if they are not bred. Thanks so much! :whatgoat:


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They look bred but I'm also having the same issue with my doe not too sure if I've seen signs of heat but I am sending blood in to be tested it's the best way to know for sure.
How does blood testing work, and where do you get it done, and how much do you pay?
With blood testing, I believe you can get all the info needed at they even have kits to draw your own blood or have your vet do it and send it in to them :)
I get there kits for 15 dollars. Comes with everything you need then I send it in. The test costs 6.50 so overall not a bad price
Thanks! We'll probably have to do that since the local vet wants $80 for blood tests!!!
Okay. Button Bear has started to show a little bit of an udder--which made me really excited! It has been about three months and I think that may be when goats are "supposed" to start showing an udder,and she has had a quite large belly, so that got me hoping! Dolly Llama is showing zero signs of having been successfully bred, though. The one that has an udder starting to show has been consistently having (what looks like) heat discharge once a month--huh?!!--why is that, and is that slightly normal for a pregnant goat?
Maybe once it warms up around here I might be able to get some new pics.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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