Arkansas State Fair

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    Nov 19, 2007
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    We had a great time at the fair and ended our doe show season with a bang.

    Best of Breed Senior Doe (Turquoise)
    Grand Senior Doe (Ruby)
    Grand Junior Doe (Annie)
    1st Dairy Herd
    1st Senior Dam & Daughter (Turquoise and Harmony Goats Brown Sugar)
    1st Best Udder (Turquoise)
    2nd Best Udder (Ruby)
    2nd Junior Get of Sire (Freya, Georgia, and Harmony Goats Georgie Girl)
    1st Best 3 Junior Does ( Mousse, Mini Me, Annabelle)

    Best in Show Junior Doe (Amber)
    Grand Junior Doe (Amber)
    Reserve Junior Doe (Adalene)
    1st Dairy Herd
    1st Senior Dam & Daughter (Lily, Lacey)
    1st Junior Get of Sire (Cora, Carmen, Lainey)
    1st Junior Best 3 (Cora, Carmen, Lainey)

    Mix Group 1st Senior Dam & Daughter ( Tyler and Bug)
    Mix Group 1st Senior Get of Sire ( Turquoise, Ruby, Peaches)

    Premier breeder and premier exhibitor in grades.

    All we have left for the year is a buck show, then we actually get to relax before kidding season starts. We didn't do too bad this year ending up with 3 new permanent champions in the barn.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Awesome :leap: congrats :)