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I am a stay at home mommy and need to earn some $$

I come from a very artistic family. Here are some of the things that I have to offer ...

My mom runs her own Slate Painting Business, and I also paint slates. The slates we do can be personalized to say anything that you want - that would fit on the slate. Slate sizes range from about 10" x 7" up to as large as approx 20'' x 12" (size is approx).
Most slates we get orders for are Welcome signs, or "established" signs.
But again - we can personalize it with any text.
My mom has an entire photo album of pictures of the slates that she has done for customers.
I only have pictures of my daughter's slate that I done for her room.
Here it is (I did BOTH sides of her slate)this is a SMALL SLATE ...
This is the hand painted side ...

And This is the Decopage side (also hand painted, but the kitty picture is decopaged)...

(sorry about the glare from my lights)

Decopage Slate Prices :
LARGE SLATE : $50 + $5 for packaging and shipping
MEDIUM SLATE : $40 + $5 for packaging and shipping
SMALL SLATE : $30 + $5 for packaging and shipping

Hand Painted Slate Prices :
LARGE SLATE : $75 + $5 for packaging and shipping
MEDIUM SLATE : $65 + $5 for packaging and shipping
SMALL SLATE : $55 + $5 for packaging and shipping
The hand painted slates take alot longer with alot more work

I also have always been really good at drawing. I've won lots of first place ribbons for my drawings. I prefer to draw in black and white. Using regular drawing paper.

Here is a Tiger that I drew ...

I have many other drawings put away in totes ... if I get the energy to go through it - I'll post more on here.

I can draw ANYTHING that you have a good picture of.

ART (hand drawn picture) Price :
For an Object (no background - same as the Tiger picture above) : $20 + $1 shipping
For a FULL Picture (with background included) : $30 + $1 shipping

I also do Graphics, Logo's and picture enhancements, etc.
Here is my ad for these things > viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2121

I do website design
Here is my ad for it > viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2117

All of my prices are very cheap in comparison to competor prices. But if you are interested in any of my items and want to make some type of offer (trade, etc.) don't hesitate to pm me and I will be more than happy to negotiate :)

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Thanks Crissa :)
No magic ... just the perfectionist in me.
I have this "thing" that when I'm drawing/painting/whatever - it has to be PERFECT in my eyes ... and I won't lay it down and call it "done" until it's just that. IT actually drives me crazy because I'll take hours to look over and "correct" ever single little tiny detail that I might have missed. I keep looking at it until I cannot critique it anymore. I know ... I'm CRAZY. It does make for some nice pictures ... but it also makes me wanna bang my head off a wall sometimes ! ;)

I have to get a project done for my neighbors - they gave me a picture to look and and draw for them - they're going to use the picture I draw to BURN it into their wood on their FirePlace. I'm sure my head will be black and blue over that one ;)

Just a Tip - shading and small, fine details are what really makes the pic stand out ! Shading correctly in the right places, and getting ever little detail is what makes the pic look "complete" :) But you probably already know that :D Your drawing are very nice to :) I use to love to draw horses !
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