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    Nov 9, 2009
    ok ladies and gentlemen,, am up to 15 nigis and half nigis now..been praying for a registered buck and got an email from a friend about one being offered one state away.. but luck changed and found out about a gal selling off her animals because she is being transferred out of going this afternoon to pick up an older doe she has and possibly the registered buck as well as maybe a few others .. there is a deal in the offering about some extras .. will post new info sometime tomorrow as soon as i get the gist of it all.
    the older doe is supposed to be one of her top producers..figger to get two more years out of her and then retire her..
    there has now been a request for goats milk for a family with three children allergic to cow's milk..
    wish me luck,,
    perhaps i can snag a deal on some dairy equipment from this deal as well,, i forgot to ask about it yesterday on the phone..wish me luck
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    Good luck... :wink: :dance: :hi5: