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    Nov 9, 2009
    Came home with my registered billy goat last night.. this boy is wild,, thank god he only has scurs..he didnt try to butt me or charge me but he has definitely not been handled ,,, seems like everytime i buy a goat i have to bring them home after dark which makes it seem a lil more stress full for their arrival.. but at least his girls were already here and he wasnt being introduced to strangers.. he found them and they all went straight to feeding a bale i had spread out on the ground...that makes introductions easier I think,,then i went and got a bucket full of pellets and spread around lil piles for them all to socialize.. it worked fine
    this morning he was up and running the girls and having the time of his life...his odor isnt as strong as Dookie's was so its not so bad.. now all I have left to get is the last wether who is the full brother to some twin does I've had since last fall and that will make my tally around 24-25 on premises with possibly a sale of the creamy almost identical twin does that were born this fall November 1 to someone in Montana.. for 4h project and milkers..they have asked to be on the list for the next to does two freshen soon as well..
    things are looking up...Now if I can just get Elsie to deliver while I'm at home on a nice warm day with no wind,, yah right like thats gonna happen lmao
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    Congrats on your new addition.... :wink: :greengrin: :thumb:

    Can't wait for pics... :wink: