At what age can kids play together?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by BeeLady, May 5, 2009.

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    I had two doelings born May 2 and a buckling born May 4 from my two does. How soon can I put the kids together in a playpen and let the does (sisters) go graze a bit? I put the 3 kids together today with the newest mom and saw that the mothers weren't ready to integrate so I kept the doelings in their crate in the shed while their mom grazed. Ginger and her buckling are still bonding and I saw that they needed to be together so they are staying in the shed a few hours while Ginger's pen is drying after being cleaned and sanitized.

    Basically each doe has a pen, then there is a large moveable shed that they would all "fit" in or that can be used as a playpen. I am working on cocci management by cleaning the pens every other day and using the shed as the parking place while the pen is dried and aired out. But eventually I want to leave the kids in the shed and let the mothers in and out as they please when the babies call for them or the mothers want to be nursed.

    I thought it through to getting the kids on the ground, now I need some guidance for between now and two weeks old.

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    I usually let them bond for 3 days .....then I introduce them to the others.....unless ...she is a FF and she doesn't know how to be a momma......then I leave her with them a couple more days ....I open the pen door... and you will watch to see... if she calls for her babies to follow her.....if so....she has a bond with them.....if she will not leave without them ....that is a great indication of can play together.... after they and mom have could be at 3 days old.......Of course the kids will try to go to the wrong mommies ...but usually ..the doe will give them a gentle nudge go away ...that she isn't mom... :wink: Have fun with the kids... :greengrin:

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    It depends on the doe and the babies but I also only lock them together for a few days and then let them all play together. It is great to watch them. I could sit and watch them play for hours.
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    My mommies and babies get their first outing together on the first warm day after their birth. Usually at about a week old I let mommas out with the herd and the kids stay in the pen...momma can see and hear them and babies get to play without the aunties being too curious. I have noticed that even at a week cries momma is at the gate wanting back in, regardless of all the good stuff to eat.
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    when my girls kidded, I just kept them all in the same pen, making sure the other doe didnt bother the oppisites ones kid(s), never had a problem
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    i usually leave babies with mom til 1 week. then they go out with the big girls outside, the pen is fairly large so they dont get bothered.
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    I leave babies with mom until they are good on their legs and mom is very bonded with them. Then I wait for a nice day to let them all out together. Sometimes I leave the babies in the pen so mom can sort out the new pecking order without the babies getting hurt in the process (trampled, butted) or being neglected and pushed away by mom.

    This year that was 5 days old and the other does paid the new kids no mind. It was really easy I was super happy.

    I have another doe to kid and she has rejected her kids even after first loving them because she was put back out into the herd to soon (or so it seems) so seh will stay in separated for at least a week - that bond between mom and babies needs to be VERY strong with her.

    So it is an individual thing as well.