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    Sep 24, 2017
    I brought one of my low-line, purebred Angus to the auction barn today because she wasn't getting bred, and she has been with the bull for 2 years now. She was palpated, and she wasn't pregnant, so I got rid of her. right, when she was put with a few other cows (all bigger than her I might add) she was immediately the herd queen! She is full of attitude! Just loading her up in the trailer took over an hour because of her stubbornness! There was a pair a mom and a little female calf that I really wanted (mom was crazier than a pet coon, but I figured she might settle down by the time she was away from the stress of the auction barn) When the pair come out into the ring, the auctioneer informed the crowd that the baby hadn't had her first milk yet, and mama wanted nothing to do with baby, so I decided against getting them. I got 540.40 for the cow I sold, (I bought her for 300$ I believe she used to be a ropin' calf). I don't get to the auction barn much (although it is a half mile from my house, and I could easily walk there if I wanted to) but I don't really like going anyway... I feel bad for the cows there lol I know I'm a softie!
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    Glad you made a profit.
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    I love animal auctions I just never buy anything. Went to one last Wednesday and everything looked horrible but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.
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