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    My kids will be selling their 4-H wethers in about a month at the annual 4-H sale. There are usually only a dozen animals, mostly country hams at the auction, and kids have to invite buyers. My kids are the only kids in our county that show goats! I usually help them make a flier to give or send out to buyers that include some info about the animal and misc photos & photos of them being shown.

    This year I'd like for them to try something new either with the flier and/or at the sale.
    I'd like for them to put together the average cost of raising the animal!
    I wish we'd had them start this at the beginning.

    What I'm having trouble figuring out:
    The Average cost of raising a Boer goat kid on the Whole Milk Recipe. We had 1 that was a bottle baby, and another that we supplemented with about 1/2 of what the bottle baby received.
    6 bottles a day for about 2 months, then slowly took away a bottle each week after that. I know after 2 months they were drinking around 16oz.

    Average creep feed used from age 5 weeks to 2 months. I recall these boys weren't huge grain eaters until they were about 8 weeks old. After that they were eating at least 1lb. a day of pelleted feed.

    My brain is fried. Literately lol. So much going on right now we haven't been able to sit down and figure this out. My kids head back to school this week, and my oldest leaves tomorrow for school 2hrs away. Lots of big changes.
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    What is the cost of the ingredients.

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    Sounds like a great idea- good math lessons for your kids too!
    I have sent goats to auction with photos, name, age, date of shots, and a few short lines on their temperament - just on a 8x11 sheet of paper, them laminated it and punch holes for some jute twine to tie to the pen they were in. The little extra effort really helped the price! Shows the goat was well cared for and personalized the goat for buyers. Marketing! Good lesson for the kids too!
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    Thanks! Ok prices are as followed:
    1 gallon milk $2.50
    1 can evaporated milk $1.00
    1/2 gallon Buttermilk $2.79

    50lb bag of pelleted feed $10.75

    Next year I will make sure we keep track of what they eat/how much it costs. Hopefully no bottle babies lol.

    At the sale we have a dinner where parents bring sides/desserts, a meat association donates or pays for the meat, then after dinner is the auction.
    Country hams go home with buyer, but animals go home with the kids. Then we make arrangements with buyer to either have the animals processed or resold at public auction.

    I'd really thought about making goat meatballs to take to the sale for people to try, but I'm afraid if I label it, people won't want to try it lol! They are really good, I made them for a 4-H meeting back in the spring for a meat/cheese sampling/guessing game for the kids and they were a big hit!

    I have 3 kids, they usually make a poster or display some ribbons. This year I want them to make a nice display and work together on it. Showing average cost of their market animal, ribbons from their 4-H projects, and photos.
    My kids are honestly more into showing breeding goats. They each had 2-4 goats they have shown does, and bucks, young up to 2yo does and a yearling buck.
    But what they make from selling their wethers helps them continue being able to afford to show a wether and keep/breed their breeding goats for next years shows.

    As for the fliers, I need to help the kids get working on them this week. My oldest daughter is away at school, so I'll have to figure out how to help her make one, so we can get them sent out.

    Thank You for the help, it's greatly appreciated. I am lousy with figuring out the math part of the original questions. The kids can definitely figure out how much feed they fed on average, then we'll work in any medications/dewormers/etc. which will be a little easier for them to figure out.
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    I would do the meatballs and label them. It's free for them so it gives them a chance to try them to see if They like them without spending any money......if your area is like mine they can't just go to a store and get a cut they would have to buy the whole animal. There's a coalition sale by me every year and they make burritos and I was so thrilled they had goat meat in it so I could try it without having to butcher one of my kids and take the chance of it going To the dogs if I didn't like it.
    Also keep in mind on your kids the price of the animal it's self. No the kids did not buy the animal but they also didn't get (let's say) $200 for that animal selling it