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ADGA, AGS, and NDGA registered.
DOB: 10/22/2008

SS: MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S 'E'
SIRE: Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *S
SD: Artists Eye Kaleidoscope *D

DS: Flat Rocks Virtuoso
DAM: DF Farms Crème Brulee
DD: DF Farms MG Pralinz-N-Cream

HOOK IS POLLED (Naturally hornless)

Let me tell you, Hook slaps some nice kids on the ground. Need to improve general appearance? Need to improve toplines and rumps? This is your boy. He doesn't do much for feet, so don't expect him to help on any does that toe out terribly. He adds a nice dairy touch to his kids with rib spacing and width throughout.

Hook did not come to us a lap dog, and no matter what we did, he just never warmed up much until his later years. He's calmer now and he likes to 'help out' when it comes to cleaning the pen. His kids have great personality, too, so I believe it was just him not being imprinted right from the get go.

Contrary to his junior picture, he isn't the porker that he looks like there; he's really become so, so nicely dairy. Good spring of rib, nice spacing, strong legs, awesome topline and wide in the rear. He's long in the body (something he likes to put on his kids too, depending on the doe). Just an all-around nice boy to add to your herd or to start out with. He's got some nice genetics and I saw his dam in person before I purchased him; she was an FF doe and I liked her udder. Very well attached, good teat placement and size. Fair capacity for a FF doe. Unfortunately I did not get pictures.

I have retained one of his daughters and love her to bits. I am eager to see what he adds to mammaries, unfortunately I do not have any daughters by him in milk yet.

This is the only shaved, stacked picture of him I have.

In-state buyers only, please (unless you plan to drive here and pick him up from out-of-state). Our transportation is limited at the moment.

Please email for details (found at our website - linked in my signature); I'm quite fast with response - Short messages are discarded as spam; please don't just email me with a phone number.

PRICE: $150


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