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Hey guys,

So anytime during the end of April or the first week of May 2018 I need a young Nigerian dwarf buckling brought to me from Congress, Arizona zip code 85332 to Clarksville, Arkansas zip code 72830. He will be about 8 weeks old and I suppose 20-30lbs tops. I am looking for quotes. I would prefer he ride in the vehicle with you LOL. A lone buckling in a huge trailer would not end well. So if anyone knows someone going along I-40 West during this time who would not mind a cute little passenger for some gas money please let me know! I am aware that this is a long journey and am open to all quotes. Thank you so much! You can email me at [email protected] if you wish :) The attached photo is basically what he will look like -a chamoise with blue eyes but he will be bigger of course lol.

--I will add that I have tried Facebook on some hauling groups with no luck whatsoever. But I will be patient I have time lol. The seller does have a transport but is not having anything hauled at this time and he does not do 1 goat loads. Well unless I paid him my life savings wink wink. Anyways so I am just posting on here to see if anyone has other ideas. I have listed in a few online groups as well--


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