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Miss Violet is due basically any day next week. Her udder went from kinda filling to quite full looking in the past two days. No other signs yet. this pic is old (she was not pregnant when it was taken)

I am pretty excited to meet her babies! The one bummer is that she appears totally offended by the whole process...she got very persnickety when she got pregnant. She gets mad at me if I touch her belly to try and feel them move. I have a feeling she is going to kick me out of the stall when the time comes lol. She is like, for all the world, "I can do this myself, LADY!" All my other does love it when I feel their bellies and seem very much to want me there when they have their babies.

This same doe, if you try and lead her by the collar from one place to the other she will yank loose of you, run to the destination, and wait for you like "duh, I know where I'm going, LADY!"

I've got a cam in her stall, so at least I can spy and be sure everything seems okay without upsetting her.
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