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Babies soon!

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Two of my goats are (hopefully) going to kid soon! They both started giving me possible labor signs a couple of hours ago. Andi has 6 or more inches of mucus hanging and she is talking very quietly, when normally she is loud. Bailey is squatting a lot, and she is yelling in a voice I've never heard her use. So I'm really hoping for babies soon! I'm really excited and hoping I'm not wrong. I don't have an exact due date, so it could be another couple of weeks, but they're just not acting like themselves, and I just had to share, or I thought I would burst! Thanks for listening!
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Congrats I hope you have lots of :girl: !!! :greengrin:
Wow! For once my instincts were right! Bailey gave birth to one beautiful buckling just about half an hour after I posted! Not quite what I would have chosen, but he's strong and healthy, and Bailey, a FF, is doing great! Plus, he has the most adorable waddles! Sorry, but you'll have to wait for pictures until tomorrow afternoon. He looks like a typical boer with a very dark head. It's getting dark now, and I have to be gone tomorrow. Now, I'm rooting for Andi to give me does soon! She looks like she might have her's by morning.
Congrats on the healthy little boy!!!! Now praying for girls!!!! :girl: :girl: :girl:
Congratulations on the baby boy!!
Congratulations!!!! Can't wait for pics tomorrow!
Thanks! And guess what? I was right about Andi, too. She gave birth to twins about three hours after Bailey had her boy. She doesn't seem to be as enthusiastic about being a mother though. When I was out there she wasn't really interested in cleaning them. I am hoping she will get some rest and clean them now that I've left her alone. I didn't want to disturb or confuse her at all, so I don't know yet if they're boys or girls, but I'll know tomorrow and have pics of them and Bailey's boy if everything is going well.
well congratulations on the kids :boy: :baby: :baby:

Was this your first kidding season? It is always exciting no matter how many years though :dance:
No, this is not my first kidding, but I'm still very new. I had two does kid last Feb. and two in Oct. This is, however, the first time I was able to pick up on labor signs, so I had a chance to become excited beforehand instead of checking all of the time for a couple of weeks and never knowing when there would be kids and wearing down the fun of anticipation. I think this time I was more relaxed, so I got to be more excited than anxious. You're right though. It's exciting every time.
and when you have exact breeding dates that makes it even all the more fun.
Here's the pictures!
This is Bailey's boy, Danny.


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And here's Andi's twin girls!
Delilah is the light one on the left, and Dottie is the darker one on the right.


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oh my he IS a big boy - but he is soooo cute! Congrats on all 3 of the new babies - and I can't wait to see the other 2 and know what sex they are!!!
They're adorable!!!
oh my the girls are way to cute!!!!
thats great that you got girls!! awesome!!

And of course they are off the charts in the cuteness factor
Thanks! All three are doing great. They're so much fun to watch. It's amazing how quickly they start jumping and playing. :)
Congratulations!!! They are all sweet babies...and yep, I love watching their first tries at jumping no matter how many kids you see come into the world, every one of them are special when they realize they can MOVE!
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