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Yep that is what I call him now. Baby Bear. I findly got him to trot for me. We are working on a jog but it is slowly going. Not going to push my old guy but he is doing wonderful. I just have to share him again. You could not ask for a better horse. My friend was driven around the farm trying to get her stuff done that needed to be done. Bear just look at the tractor as it drove right by him. Had total beginers on him and he has taken them in stride. Even when they yanked on his mouth. Even when they did things that made him just look back at them. (hey they where just kids). I had to laugh. I wanted to show a few old pictures and then the new ones that I just took not to long ago. I am always taken pictures of him.

First one is the rescue gave to me so I knew what he looked like. Then the next one is the day I got him on mothers day. All the way to the end is about 2 weeks old. I still have not down loaded the ones that I took on Wensday, Look no more ribs and he is getting fat. This is bad I have more pictures of my goats and my horse on my phone then anything else.


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