Baby Bottle Not Eating

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    I have a little nigerian dwarf doeling that will be four weeks old tomorrow that won't take her bottle and acts sort of lethargic, not a whole lot but just isn't her normal bouncy self. This started on Saturday, July 5. I called the lady I bought her from and she thought it was pneumonia because she had a nasal-y sound to her. So I was given nuflor (3 doses) and some banimine (2 doses). I was instructed to give her one shot of each for Saturday and Sunday and then skip a day and give her the last shot of nuflor tomorrow (Tuesday). I have also been giving her 1/2 CC of vitamin b complex since Saturday as well. So far she really isn't getting better. In the evening, after I gave her the shots on Saturday at noon, she was practically back to normal and took all of her bottles except the one before the meds. On Sunday, she was the same as Saturday and didn't want her morning bottle but after her meds she would but she didn't finish all of the milk in each of her bottles. Today she has not taken any of her bottles and she still has two left. Her temp on Saturday was 103.9, Sunday it was 104.3, and today it was 104.0 at noon and just a few minutes ago i took it again and it was 103.8. She is nibbling on grass and seems alert. She is bright eyed, her tail is up and she is not hunched over. Her eyelids are also pink. As far as her stool, she hasn't had any diarrhea and I am starting to wonder if she has pooped at all because I can't find the evidence. I assume no diarrhea because it isn't smeared across her bum. I have also started her on a cocci treatment (Sulmet) today just in case it is that. She didn't like the fireworks and I am wondering if it stressed her out. She is also drinking water out of a bowl so I went ahead and put some bounce back in it to help keep her hydrated. She also received a dose of probios today as well. It bothers me that she isn't taking her bottles but yet she still looks round as if she is getting something to eat. Is it possible that she is bloated? Or constipated? What could be wrong with her? She is being fed milk from one of my goats that is in milk and there has been no changes in it except I increased each feeding by an ounce when she turned two weeks old. So she is being fed 5 ounces 4 times a day. She also bumps me or my husband a little as if looking for the milk but when we present it to her, she rejects it. I have also tried putting it in a bowl just to see if she would want it that way and it didn't work.
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    Nulflor should be done daily for 5 days. I would consider taking her to the vet.

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    Nuflor should be given for 5 consecutive days, and I would also suggest taking her to the vet. When you offer her bottle, does she flat out refuse it or does she take the nipple then refuse it? Are you bleaching out her bottle regularly? Her bottle either needs to be changed or bleached out once a week, and the inside of the nipple scrubbed out. I have found that my bottle babies will not take their bottle if the bottle and nipple aren't clean. I rinse them after every feeding, wash them out with hot, soapy water every 2 or 3 days, and bleach them out (add a few drops of bleach, a small squirt of dishwashing liquid, then fill with very hot water and let stand overnight) once a week.
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    If you don't see any poop at all in the next few hours then I would do a enema and see if that helps. You use few cups of warm water with either a bit of dish soap in it or a few teaspoons of oil (olive, vegetable, etc.) mixed in. Use a syringe without the needle or similar and put her over your lap with legs hanging on either side. Put 5-10 ccs in her anus and then set her down and massage the tummy and let her walk around. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you see some action - may take 30 minutes.

    Also - if you, your vet, or another goat friend has Clostridium (C&D) anti-toxin (NOT the vaccine) then I would give her that as well since enterotoxemia could be setting in with that firm belly having milk sitting in it.

    I would continue the cocci treatment, Vit B, and probios!

    Also she should be nibbling at hays and grains and pastures at this age to get that rumen going.