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I have my first bottle pigmy baby and the little girl won't take the bottle. She is about 3 weeks old and I have to force her to eat about 3 ounces a day. She seems healthy and happy but won't eat. I've tried many combinations of milk, evap. Milk, and Karo syrup but get the same resistant results. Any advice would help?!? Thank you

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Granted, Im no expert at bottle feeding.
Try putting karo on your finger then on the nipple.
Create a sort of tent with an old towel over her head & tickle her behind as mom would do.
What sort of nipple are you using?
Pritchard nipples work well, as do those black lamb ones.
Its not what's in the bottle as much as finding a successful technique.
We use whole cow here with some evap (not condensed!) Please don't change whatever you use or her tummy will get upset.
If she hasn't been bottle fed from the first week it might take some time to get it down.
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