bad news and good news and a little brag, im so excited!

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    A few weeks ago i posted that i was getting a new buck kid and a new yearling doe. Well im still getting Oh Holy Cow, you guys may remember her she was a wildly spotted black and white alpine doe with a big wide blaze and pink nose. But i had to cancel my order on the buck kid out of snickles and stetson, after juno broke her leg she left me with a hefty vet bill, i couldnt stand the thought of putting my first and only french doe kid down. So i used the money that i had saved up for my new buck kid to pay for junos bill Well juno is now healing well and hopefully willg et her cast off here in a couple of weeks.
    Anyways a lady i know in Oregon who has been raising alpines for years is selling out. The Missdees herd (some of you alpine breeders probably know the name) is selling out. They had the 91 reserve national champion, Missdees's Nell
    and Nell's daighter Nadiya who was the 95 national champion
    anyways They made me a great deal on a buck kid out of yearling doe names Calliope. Calliope can trace back to both of those does! as well as beeing the daughter to Missdee's Clarice and grand daughter to Missdee's Charli
    Calliope is a big beautiful yearling who is out of a buck named Branktons Nigel Keno, keno is a big powerful buck is who line bred on Iron Rod The Bold Tartan, who i think is one of the best kept secrets of the alpine world.
    tartan was a big beautiful uphill buck. He was stunning in genral apearance. The whole package from what i see.
    Calliope was bred back to her sire to produce cyclone, so he has Keno on both sides of the pedigree now. Cyclone is only two weeks old but you can already see he is going to be long and big like his relitives. I think he is already showing a lot of the same stype as tartan.[email protected]/s ... 962490756/
    So i was disapointed about snickles buck kid but i think cyclone is going to have more of an influence on my herd. And they say everything happens for a reason right!?! Is this the reason Juno decided to jump that fence and break her leg?
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Wow, his lines sound to be like he is going to be an awesome herd sire! Congratulations! :stars:

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    Congrats Beth!!! :leap: He sure is a cutie...and looks really wide! What color do you call that? Sorry...I am trying to learn the Alpine colors. :) He also has a lot of nice relatives! Sorry about your buck kid out of Snickles, but I do believe everything happens for a reason...even if we don't understand at that point in time! :greengrin:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    the ironrod link doesn't work but that is a handsome buckling. Different color - darker Nice
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    I don't know anything about the lines, (don't know dairy goats), but WOW they are all very stunning.
    YEP you said it, it all happens for a reason, and I do live buy that. Yes it is hard that you did not get the first buck, but it looks like you were meant to have this one. Congratulations. :stars: :stars:
    Glad to hear that Juno is doing better. :thumbup: :hi5:
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    That is great- congrats on the kids. I also think that fixing Juno will make you happiest in the long run. I pray that you have a success and happy herd.
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    Congrats!!! That is great, looks like you'll be adding some awesome lines!! :clap: :stars: