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Bambi and Angie

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These are more pics of Xcell's new kids. The doe, Angie, is the darker one. :)

They are now running around and climbing all over me and their mom.

Scary boot!

The end of her jumping on mom. She almost made it too!

Bambi wasn't up for photo's today but I took some anyways. His right eye is a bit puffy, I know. I think it's just cause he got into something. I washed it out. Its the other eye from the eye that was originally watering. *sigh* lol

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Awww! They're so adorable! I love the mother, she's beautiful!
All three are gorgeous!! You and Xcell must be so proud!
adorable little things. I want my cuties to come now! hehe well not now - to much snow.

Maybe some dust got into his eye, I hope it starts getting better soon
They are all beautiful!! Love the colors :)
Xcell is beautiful!! Her color contrast is really striking...those babies are darlings, you and mama should be very proud.
Thanks everyone! I am extremely proud of Xcell! I thought she only had one in there so to open the barn door and find two semi cleaned off kids was amazing! I fell in love with Xcell's color from the moment I saw her picture and I just had to have her! She was a awesome B-day present. She was really shy when I got her but having the kids has changed her a lot. She is now a lot more friendly! She even helped clean off my hands after I helped clean her babies off!

Stacey- I know the feeling of waiting! I was envious of everyone until these guys arrived! She was my only doe due until June! But its nice to sit back and relax for a couple month now. :shades: Good luck with yours!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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