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Banded goat has not peed in hours should I be concerned

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Just banded my 11 week old goat and that was at 10 am it’s now 3:00 and I still haven’t seen him pee is this okay should I be concerned. This is only the second goat I have had banded and I’m really worried
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Has he been drinking? Is he doing the typical moan and laying around? Does he act like he has to pee and can't? Don't take the band off, that can cause serious problems.
Did you give him Banamine? Is he drinking or eating?
Yes, be concerned, if it is dehydration or stones both are not good.

Gently pull outward with his skin and see if it snaps back quickly or slowly.
If slow, he is dehydrated and needs to be drenched with electrolytes or given an IV for fluids if really bad.

Maybe he is just in too much pain or you just aren’t seeing him doing it.

A way to know, is to pen him up for a little while and see if he pees.
Clean shavings is the easiest way to see it.
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How is he? This sounds really bad......
How are things?
@Jessakaa31 how's your boy doing?
How is he?
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