Banding a 9 y/o buck?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Riot_My_Love, May 7, 2010.

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    Okay, I have a 9 yr old Pygmy (I think) buck. He is VERY VERY aggressive, destructive, breaks gates, attacks people and the other goats, and I fear he'll get to my newest doe. I would like to know if banding would have any effect on him? Behavior-wise, I want to band him regardless so he can't knock up any of my girls. No doubt, he is HANDSOME, but I can't take him anymore. It's my stepdad's goat, so I can't sell him.. My mom & I have been hoping he just drops dead. He hasn't yet, lol. I don't care if it traumatizes him, or if he's in pain, quite frankly. He attacks me daily & I just want to shoot him. I always have to carry a whip, and a bb gun. It's ridiculous. Is there a drug I can give him to calm him enough to get the band around his testes? What are your opinions?
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    Jul 6, 2008
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    Banding is not an option at his age. The band wouldn't fit around his testicles and infection is more than likely going to come on. For his age, surgical or maybe a burdizzo is the only way. I have no experience with burdizzo though.

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    What about cattle bands? lol.
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    Mar 13, 2010
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    This may not be an option but here's what I'd do. I'd tell my step dad to take responsibility of the buck or he gets sold. Or turned into jerky. His decision.
    There is absolutely no need to have an animal you're scared of on the property. Period.
    Or you could try feeding him moldy hay for a while. Just kidding.
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    OH my goodness. I have had a buck that was aggressive. I NEVER EVER wish him dead or to hurt him. Did I hate him at time yes, but he is only doing what he a goat does that has not been taken care of, or that was played with wrong (That was my case, it was totally our fault).

    I would talk to your stepfather and see if he would be willing to sell him. He is beautiful and I LOVE :lovey: the horns on that boy.

    It is NOT fair to mistreat him becasue he was never taught how to act in the first place.
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    Castration will not curb his aggressive behaviour. The only thing that will is lots of retraining or rehoming to a farm without kids. A hot stick works also as does a 2x4 to the horns. I would not wish him harm if he was my buck. The anger/fear you are feeling is understandable but this guy is the same as a wild animal. He is doing what nature has programed him to do. Give him the respect he deserves. As far as breeding your doe's goes, you will need to move your doe's out of his area or move him out of their area. This will prevent breeding. Our buck was wild as the work day is long and no horns to grab. We worked with him daily and now he is much tamer. He was 3 when we got him so he was an adult who had never been messed with. He has done the job we got him for and will now be rehomed.

    Try to put yourself in the bucks place. Imagine how you would feel if you were a wild animal who had no human contact. You would fear most everything and as with people who are afraid of something they fight when pursued by it. The buck is no different and only fighting what he is afraid of and trying to overpower it.
  7. toth boer goats

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    I am sorry... he is so aggressive..... :( .... He is a really nice looking buck....I would indeed ...try to sell him to someone... that can deal with his this point in age ....his aggression is now programmed in and de-nutting him... will not ...curve that aggression.... :hug:
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    Oct 29, 2009
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    Freezer. Why on earth would your step dad want to keep an animal on the property that you are all terrified of? Again... Freezer. Don't sell that off to somebody.... how would you feel if you found out some body got really hurt by this buck? There are too many good, friendly easy going bucks in the world.... don't waste your time on this one. IMHO. It wouldn't be safe for you to band him.... how will you flip him and hold him down? :( I'm sorry you have to go through that. I purchased a buck that was like that once.... he was EVIL. He was also our first buck... I thought all bucks were like that until I found my sweetheart Monte..... now I am such a freak for bucks. Remember that temperament is genetic as much as it is learned.... you don't want to breed that boy!! I hope this all works out for you. :hug:
  9. Riot_My_Love

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    Yes, I don't want to.

    Haha, moldy hay :p.

    sweetgoats, I totally and completely understand what you are saying.. But I've had him since November and his aggression started Jan/Feb out of no where!
  10. sweetgoats

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    I had my aggressive but that I sold. I told the lady that purchased him, and she said no problem, they live in the mountains, and he was going to a field that was 40 acres, and all the bucks ran together.

    She loves him.

    I just ask that you do NOT do anything mean like Moldy hay, or poison him somehow. That is so NOT FAIR to him.

    If you have to shot him, but do it right.
  11. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I've banded adult bucks with no health issues...and though he is a handsome boy, I'd have to agree with the fact that banding won't do a thing to his "learned" behavior and if he is that bad that you are afraid of him, making him someone elses problem should not be considered, lead and a hole would be the ethical most humane solution.
  12. mrs. lam

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    Apr 20, 2010
    He is pretty. Does he have anything he really likes? (Treat wise, not running you down) Mine really loves jelly beans. That was all he wanted after he was fixed. Maybe clicker training? When he backs out of your space, click and treat right away before he has time to rear up and strike. If he likes it (the treat) stop and leave. Do it several times a day til he looks for you. You could become the only one he likes, just don't let your guard down. Try Rescue Remedy on some bread. That has worked for me in the past. (It also works in your cup of tea when he's been a jerk) Will your step dad work with him? If not, why does he want to keep him? Does the goat like him? I hope you both can have a happy and safe ending, If not, make it quick.

  13. Idahodreamer

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    Do a good job forgiving him for his sins, pray for his salvation and then send him to the happy grazing grounds. **nicely, and humanely**
    There is no way I would ever sell a buck like this to anyone and no way I would keep him around on the property for long. . . . sorry, that's just how it goes.... and I don't think that banding him would solve your problems either . . . . :(
  14. speeddemon

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    Apr 27, 2010
    I'd sit down with your step dad and explain to him that keeping around a dangerous animal puts you in danger and as his step daughter he should put your safety and well being above his desire to keep an aggressive animal. I would pen him up so he couldn't move and if you need to shoot him, just do it quickly and in the head. If you can restrain him and don't feel good about shooting him, you can probably have him euthed.