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I have banded successfully. Last year I banded two adult pygmies, yes adults, one was 1-2 and the other 3-4. Neither seemed at all bothered by it, infact I thought I must have done it wrong until one of their horns actually fell off. Both horns on the younger one fell off and no regrowth or scurs. With the older doe one fell off, the other band broke (older bands)and it was getting to warm to reband, so I left it until this fall. I sold her right after rebanding, so not sure how it went.

I had one unsuccessful banding on my boer doeling when she was around 8 months old. She is a major drama queen, she cried and carried on, leaping into the air and then laying on her back with her legs in the air. That was the first day, she acted fine the next day. I think if I'd done her first I would have been afraid to do anymore. She rubbed until she got the bands off. I do plan to redo her soon.

I now have my nubian buckling's horns banded, one is just barely hanging (I think it's actually off and the tape that was wrapped around it is holding it on). I got him to late to disbud.

So here's my experience and advice. It take about a month for the horn to come off, if they knock it off early it will bleed. Only one of mine have bled, it wasn't bad, but did look bad. It is a good idea to be prepared in case one does come off to early. Two bands per horn is also a good idea.

So that's my thoughts, I have had goats with their horns stuck in the fence, I always feel so terrible when I'm not sure how long they've been there. I'd much rather illiminate the problem completely with banding, and I just don't think I'd have one surgically dehorned. It seems like some goats can have horns with no problems and others are constantly getting their heads stuck. My older boer doe is one of those (not a problem in the pen she's in now because the spaces are to small).

So good luck with whatever you deside!
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