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banding horns can be quite a traumatic experience, but then again so can being caught in the fence.
I well aimed accidental horn to the face is never fun. We have banded a lot of horns very successfully. Although it can be quite gory. You need a metal nail file or smal saw. make a notch as far down the horn as you can. even if it means cutting into the skin. Put an elastrator band on it. and put some dict tape over it. You will need to replace the bands every one to two weeks. if you can put the doe in a smaller pen by herself where she won't be challenged by other goats. But make sure she can see and even touch other goats through the fence to keep her from getting lonely. you will notice the bands digging into the horn more and more. she may knock them off herself. Have a disbudding iron handy. you will need to cauterize her head.
I think my worst banding experience, we had a pygmy doe that had horns, she got them caught in everything and she accidently hit me in the face more then once. she had her down and were changing the bands. she started squirming and knocked one off on my leg. sent is flying across the barn blood everywhere (it was too soon for it to come off) finally got the bleeding stopped and she knocked the other one off in her haste to get up. It was a messy probably painful experience. but we and her werwe much happier. No more head caught in the fqance. no mor ehorns to the face. no more punctures on the other goats. in the long run it really is the best.

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