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    Apr 18, 2020
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    Banding, I am new to goats. I plan to butcher bucks of next year kidding for meat. I read if buck goes for meat, you can band them as young as week old and if he'll be pet or pack animal - around 12 weeks old. Does it sound right and why the age difference? Also if there is a possibility to sell the buck, but it is still very likely he will go for meat, is it better just to band him and forget about selling or he can keep his parts, live with his father (brothers) and go for meat if no one wants him? I am thinking about maybe smelly meat of not castrated buck, being aggressive to other bucks... Meat is something we need, not only just to get rid of bucks, but I am trying to figure out best way to handle things.
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    It may depend on how long/what size you plan to raise them out to. I usually grow males for our personal freezer for 10-12 months so I have had them wethered by Burdizzo about 12 weeks. If they are going to be around a whole year, I certainly don't want to risk urinary calculi while they are here.

    Unless you feel that the dam and sire are really some of the best quality goats in the area, it's probably better to wether them all rather than holding out for a buck buyer.

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    Apr 22, 2018
    What about an anti mating apron? They come in extra small to extra large.size. I've put one on my young bucklings. They didnt impregnate any.others.
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    If wethering/banding - I would try to build an enclosure for the boys until 6 weeks post banding. Banding really young can create problems. I agree with about 12 weeks to prevent health issues.
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    But if they are going for meat, I'd personally feel fine banding them at 8 weeks old. Much earlier is too soon. Certainly not a week old.
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    I like to castrate them even if they are going for meat. That way if he does live with dad and brothers there is less fighting and stinky-ness going on. And I have the option of him living with does and there not being a problem. They will be calmer and not so 'charged' too.
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  7. We had 2 sisters and a brother this year and they were not separated until 10 weeks. He'd just started extending at that point. I wasn't terribly worried about breeding and would have separated as late as 12 weeks and would have felt fine. I didn't band this boy because he was the only one leaving as a buck.
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    From all the answers I got, I will band all bucks. Thank you!
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