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Hey everyone,

long time no talk lol sorry about that ^_^.

I am searching for an Christmas present for my mom MotleyBoerGoats
I decided I'd get her a Surveillance camera for her barn or a barn camera, for when her does start kidding in january to the end of April or before.
I just need some input on which barn cameras are great for kidding season this is what I'm looking for:

1: Clear playback (no static/static lines)

2: Clear sound (no static sound)

3: weatherproof (im getting her three so one can watch over the herd outside and the other can watch over the front part of our pasutre pen so it has to be durable through rain and snow .... and wind... yeah wind lol )

4: video playback can be black and white, purple, or whatever just as long as the video playback is not static or has possible interference.

5: Less chance of interference with tin roofs or objects in front of the camera

with that said let me know about your cameras the pros and cons of your barn cameras and how well they do the model, and brand too please :D im on a hunt haha. Happy Thanksgiving :think: :D
I bough mine on ebay. Now with all your "no's", that will depend on how far the barn is to the house and the receiver, and what it has to go through to get there.

I have two and a splitter that you can watch up to 4 cameras on that I bough and never used and I do not kid out anymore.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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