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We have 2 major barnyard problems with our 3 goats (2-yearling alpines and 1-6 month old alpine X).
The first is trying to get the food into the feeders without being in a mob scene--you know, heads in the food containers and lots of butting. We have tried squirt bottles, yelling and pushing, but they just keep on coming! The breeder's thoughts were--that's a normal goat behavior and we should devise a system not to enter their pen to get the food in (but that can't work for us).
The second problem is vocalization when ever they see or hear us in the house or yard. We occasionally give them snacks from the garden, but not all the time and we do visit them often when not being fed. It is starting to get on our nerves and we hope it isn't getting on the neighbor's nerves. We recently had to give away the lead (2 yr. old goat) for bad feet and this problem has gotten worse.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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