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Rex said:
Hopefully you aren't penning the goats in an enclosed area with a horse. Our horses chase the goats on occasion and one time we had to intervene to prevent the horse from causing serious injury to a goat. We now keep them penned separately. I know there are people who have successfully kept horses and goats together but I think it really depends on the individual horse and how much area they have to avoid each other if necessary.
I have a goat that was the other way around! We got our goat, Obie (Creative name right? Yup, he's an Oberhaslie), from a lady who had a few horses. He was dominant over the horses so he stole their food. The lady' solution was to feed him enough so that he would be too full to eat the horses food. This resulted in him being about 230lbs. Now he's around 175. I just think the lady couldn't handle a fair-sized goat, and at least she DID love him. He also had never set eyes on another goat before, so he might think he's a horse. He's adjusted well though.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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