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Hi again Patti Marar,
In most cases, unless it is a doe who has kidded, (not necessarily recently - just once so she thinks you are her kid) a goat bossing the dog is dominant behaviour to the dog, not defence of you. If your goat is just threatening the dog, keeping an eye on them is all that is really called for, but actively butting/horning the dog shouldn't be allowed. A smack or squirt and firm 'no' will teach him not to bash the dog, although it depends on the goat as to how long that will take. We have a lot of goats who are terrified of my dog (a big, strong, part Staffordshire and Boxer girl who is very dominant) but one fat little doe who thinks the dog is her toy to bash, but seeing as we took her horns off and my dog just ignores her, she can't actually hurt the dog at all. She loves challenging and harassing the dog, but since she is not doing any harm and is not in a position to, it is a joke. However with our goats and toy/miniature poodles, the goats often need a smack if they poodles break in with them as the adult does who weren't raised here try to stomp on them. If your dog isn't standing up for itself, you will need to make sure that your goat doesn't hurt it or the goat will later cause some damage. It is fine for the goat to be boss if he is not actively being aggressive, but if so you will need to intervene.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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