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  1. FMW

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    Jun 30, 2020
    I have added beet pulp pellets and alfalfa pellets to their mixture a couple of weeks ago. The one Nubian doe has been having some runny manure/scours the last few days. I backed off the beet pulp today of which I give her one cup, and her manure seemed better today - it was more clumpy than runny. She's never had beet pulp before and I wonder if maybe that could cause runny manure. Any thoughts? I will see how she is later tonight or tomorrow. We had given her vitamin b complex tonight and will keep that for five days in hopes to improve the scours.
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  2. MadHouse

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    That’s exactly what happened with my doe when I introduced beet pulp. I found out one cup is too much for my 100 pound doe. Now she gets 2 tablespoons of it in her ration.

  3. NigerianDwarfOwner707

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    May 17, 2018
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    Give probiotics and a shot of b complex - and slowly add beet pulp in at small amounts until she adjusts.
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    I agree with the others.
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    Yup. I use the beet pulp shreds because the pellets were just way to labor intensive. I soak the beet pulp and feed it starting late fall into mid spring. They love it, but it does give several clumpy or loosish manure for the first couple of days. I usually add powdered probiotics (I use Fastrack) to the beet pulp the first week or so and that takes case of the problem for my herd. I also start off with a yogurt cup of the soaked BP and work my way up from there.
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  6. Michaela Van Mecl

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    Sep 3, 2018
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    Agreed to all. I feed a combination of alfalfa pellets, BOSS, cracked corn and steam rolled oats and add in a bit of beet pulp when they look like they could use a few lbs, or when they're pregnant. At most I'll put a quarter cup at a time, but generally it's just a small sprinkle.
  7. FMW

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    Jun 30, 2020
    thanks everyone.. her manure is back to normal. I will soak the pellets and give her a tiny bit at a time.
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  8. ksalvagno

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    You don't have to soak the beet pulp. You can if you want to but it isn't necessary.
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