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Belle Star Calico kate kidded twins

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A second set of twins born last night this time does. But it was a rought labor kids where tangled and trying to come together. 1 of each foot out and 1 head. My friend help get them out. Mom is sore and very tired. Still waiting for the after bith its slowly coming out. Will be giving her pen g when hubby get home in a hr. The one live doe came out almost dead. After we swung her and let mom clean her she came around. I then gave her some Vit B and Nutra drench. And gave her some mama milk. As of know she is up and moving and has a good strong suck but still seems to not know how to stay on. I would not call us out o the woods yet. Not for a day or so and i see the kid poop. And mom all cleaned out. On a positive note mom has allowed me to milk her right where she stands. Ive tried to milk and never get anywhere so she might be my doe i can milk good with no problems. She is a FF so i think as she get healed she will fight me. I just think she knows im helping her baby idk. Pics in the next post
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Aren't there two babies?
So cute, congrats :)
Congrats on the doeling, sorry about the loss of the 2nd doeling. Makes me nervous we have a FF that is suppose to be soon and she is on the small side. Hoping for a single or two very small twins.
Thanks guys mom and baby seems to be doing good.
Huge congrats on being able to revive the live doeling Good Job ! She looks nice and strong
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