Ben and his LGD, Grumpy

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  1. mrs. lam

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    Apr 20, 2010
    This morning we woke up to snow. Again. This is Alabama people. We don't do snow. :sigh:
    I was laying in bed at 6am wondering what time the crew would start calling for their breakfast when I hear a loud thumping noise. I thought at first it was Romeo rubbing his horns back and forth in the metal dog house but it sounded a little different. Like hard plastic.
    I got up and looked out the bathroom window....
    Ben was in Grumpy's plastic dog house trying to get out while Grumpy was backing in. He kept blocking Ben with his butt with this expression of doggy delight on his face.
    Ben would butt him in the butt. Grumpy would grin, tongue rolling about and block him. It looked like two brothers playing dutch oven. :laugh:
    Ben finally started bucking up and down until the top came off the dog house. He shot out across the yard, turned, flicked his tail with an annoyed "Dude! What did You eat!" look on his face rose up on his hind legs and gave Grumpy a head butt.

    Silly boys. Never a dull moment.
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    :ROFL: they are silly and fun to watch aren't they..... :laugh: