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    Sep 3, 2018
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    What are you guys feeding your dairy goats?

    My morning and evening chores are compounded by the fact that I had mix the goat feed. The milking does get one particular mix (composed of corn, barley, BOSS, alfalfa and beet pulp), the bucklings get another (17% protein goat feed and sweet feed 50/50 with some BOSS and ammonium chloride). The boys get the different mix because my vet said they really should never get alfalfa, but the higher protein is really good for them. Everyone gets measured dosages of livamol w/bioworma.

    If there is a highly recommended goat feed that's available at Southern States or TSC, I may switch at least the girls over to that to help minimize some prep time. Tell me your thoughts!
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    Can you list what your store offers?

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    Check with grain mills - they often carry a higher quality feed available for priloducers. We call it a grain co -op here. Or check with high quality producers in your area. Not a fan if any above.
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    I feed 6:1 whole oats and BOSS to my girls. They stay fit even in milk. Bucks get the same mix just less. All get chaffhaye 2 x a day and coastal 24/7
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    Milking does do fine on a ration of 50/50 alfalfa pellets and oats usually. If they need more condition, I like this recipe:

    2 parts whole oats

    1 part rolled barley

    1 part mixed field peas

    OPTIONAL Approx (slightly under) 1/2 part Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

    Mix this half and half with alfalfa pellets.

    If you need even more condition, use beet pulp or calf manna along with this.

    Boys are so different - here's the diets for them:

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