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Best veggies?

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M thinking about planting a garden for my girls to have some snacks free & safe.
I'm not quite sure what I should plant though and what I COULD plant at this time of year lol.
Keep in mind I live in Florida too so it's not THAT cold.

I was thinking carrots, some sweet peas, maybe beans?

What would be good for them to have fresh?
I need ideas please :)
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Swiss Chard should grow pretty much year round for you and garden cress would do really well. Summer Squash, turnips, parsnips, and kale.
Awesome! Thanks!!

I just had another idea....
Do you think I should grow a certain type of grass and wait for it to get extra tall then cut & put in their hay bin once in a while?

And are there any real good herbs I should plant? :)

I'm excited!!
Garlic would be a good one to plant, and you could plant pumpkin, watermelon, corn, celery, stuff like that :)
Garlic would be a good one to plant, and you could plant pumpkin, watermelon, corn, celery, stuff like that :)
They like garlic?:)

Let's hope I can keep all this alive ;P
Some do, some don't but it's good for them :)
My boer goats enjoy carrots alot. I tryed planting radishes and they wouldn't touch them.... They like celery too. Good luck!
Mine LOVE lettuce.
Daffodil is a velociraptor when it comes to garlic. we have this elephant garlic that grows all over our place, it isn't really wild at some point generations ago it was planted but it just comes up and it never dies and it spreads so it is everywhere. Well where we built the goat pen was full of it, notice I said was, Daffodil ate it ALL blossoms, stems, leaves and all, the bulbs are still in the ground and I am sure next spring it will come back but right now you can't tell it every existed. It is supposed to be good for them but let me tell you have a goat burp a big nasty garlic cud burp in your face and you will nearly wretch....
That's awesome!!
Lol poor daffodil.. She needs peppermint(;
Think they could eat that?!:0
I bet it'd do something to their milk also....
Thank you guys btw for all the ideas:)
Oh don't feed it to one in milk Blech.... it will make their milk taste nasty!! But if they aren't in milk it is good for them, supposed to have some natural deworming action.
Garlic or peppermint?
I figured garlic would lol.
I feed garlic to all my goats in milk. It helps prevent Staff infection. I've never noticed any taste from it.

My herd loves the wild peppermint here. It's one of the first things they eat up every spring.
Really? I would've thought it would make the milk taste nasty. I know mom said when the cows ate garlic it would taint the milk. Well that is good to know , because I have it everywhere keeping them off it would be a challenge.
That's awesome!!:)
& id think if peppermint did anything to the milk it'd make it better so that's awesome :)
You might enjoy Kats book, accessible pet and livestock herbal. I just bought it and she gives 500+ pages of herbal info. What to grow to feed your animals, herbal treatments. Etc. she says if she could only plant two herbs it would be cayenne and garlic.
Thanks sarahsbounty!!
That sounds great, ill have to find it:)
You can find it on her website at fir meadows llc. :)
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