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Billy goat questions

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I got my first two giats when I stopped at what I guess you'd call a "feed lot".? About 50 plus goats ,sheep and cows all crammed into a corner of a field next to where I take my dogs to run at the river which was only about 100 by 200 ft And no Shelter. No grass , empty water , the man that wined them was oassed out in his truck next to the field. HE spoke little English but enough to say if I didn't like it I could buy them as I bought 2. I only had 100 bucks and he said 50 a piece. I chose two 4 or 5 mo rh Olds that were both limping and emaciated, the worst off.. (Well used to take my dogs. ) I can't make myself go anymore I've done everything I can think of for the animals there I bought two of them which was all I could take I called the sheriff's I called The Humane Society and campaigned around the neighborhood with the neighbors I called the local animal sanctuary I fed them for a couple weeks and I got the feed store to donate another week's worth of food but I'm out of extra money and out of the muscle strength so I'm just hoping that they will come and do something soon I'm going to try to call the sheriff's department again today but anyways I'm sorry about that long long story which doesn't actually have much to do with my question LOL unless anybody has any suggestions that would help the animals. Either feed them or daughter them bit starving them? Not ok. So back to the biily. He is now 1 year old. His leg up better.. he us fat and sassy,, sweet, friendly, super smart but not neutered. Is it too late? He ( because I'm stupid apparently, I didn't realize that at that age they could even breed each other or be b r e d. End result we niw , as off March 18th. Have four goats not 2. I have a very limited spac e to keep animals and so , since obviously I did separatetheadults before the kids were born, I want to be able yo put them all together again but no more
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Hes not too old to castrate.. if you can get a cow size banner and band he may fit. Other ways is Burdizzo or have a vet do it. Always give tetanus antitoxin before castration and a shot of banamine will make it easier for him. Takes a while for his plumbing to empty so he's still an issue for a bit. A buck apron may help during that time.
Good job saving the two! Some times we just have to walk away and say a prayer. So very hard!

Best wishes
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