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    Hi Guys!! It's been like ages since I last posted on here, but I'm back!

    I need to send some bloodwork to boitracking for pregnancy tests; I've never drawn blood before, so I'm really nervous....any advice? :?
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    What luck, I just got my does all done for the year.

    Drawing blood's a "bit" tricky, but once you find the vein, the hard part's over. I think that and restraining is the biggest issue, since nerves from you can make the goat just as nervous and far twitchier (see: my idiot buck).

    You can locate the vein by the depression in their necks. Feel around lightly until you feel something that is round and can move back and forth, about as thick as your finger (you should be able to feel a pulse, though I never did). Tap it several times to bring the vein up and numb the area, and stick the needle under the skin (the needle should be almost parallel to the skin). Blood should flow almost immediately, and if not, you'll need to fish around a little bit to find it (please don't go jabbing around-nobody likes it and you *can* kill your goat).

    Once you've gotten enough blood, pull the needle out smoothly and rub the area quickly and firmly. Don't freak if she bleeds a little, it happens.

    If all else fails and you can't find the vein, or keep your goat still, take her to a vet or someone who's done it before. It'll cost more, but they can show you how first-hand how to do it yourself.

    Just to add: this oughta help, too.

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    I just got done drawing blood from my does for the first time, it's really a breeze. In addition to what has already been said, I recommend shaving an area approx 2" by 2" at the site. Also, rub the sight down with some alcohol to prevent infection. Use your thumb and apply pressure in the depression of the neck, if you have the vein it will immediately start to bulge right above the vein, enter the vein almost straight up, small angle going in, if your using a plunger style you'll have to pull back on the plunger to get some blood.

    Wish you were close I'd be more than willing to show you, good luck, it's really not that bad. ... _151.shtml