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Blackie’s worm load

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My nannie Blackie has a bad famacha score this morning when I fed her. After she ate she had a fecal drop for me and I gathered up and took it in to do a fecal exam. My finding were on the McMaster scale, BP 1500 and Coccidia 450. Should I chemical treat or go to herbal wormers? Also should I treat for both at the same time or go after the BP then recheck for Coccidia. One more thing , I was at a sale Saturday and met a husband and wife that raises goats for sale. He told me he used chemical wormers but swore by RedMan tobacco. He said he feeds it to all his goats and until he started it, he had problems with famacha scores. Now he claims that all his nannies and buck and kids have great famacha scores. I have not seen any of his goats but it brought back a memory when 45 years or more ago when I had horses, I would feed them a block of chewing tobacco, one block to each horse at least every 2 months. I never had worm problems with them. Thoughts please on my feeding it to my goats on occasions when I have problems and off and on occasionally?
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I've heard things about tobacco before, but nothing that would make me hopeful about it being a good option for deworming. What chemicals have worked for you? How bad is bad FAMACHA i.e. what number or color description would you say she is? Have you used herbs before to good affect? If ivermectin, valbazen or cydectin work for you, you can safely use any of those with a high worm load despite rumors that you can't. I'd get her on Red Cell and a blood building diet, so alfalfa hay or pellets (introduce slowly). Greens such as kale, collards, brocoli, spinach can be blended up and drenched to her for a boost.

For herbs, I'd recommend either LOH parasite formula and Cathy's Tummy Tamer recipe or Fir Meadows DWA and GI Soother. Quality essential oils can be done too if this is the route you want to take. Garlic should be administered too.

Tummy Tamer recipe
1 teaspoon each
Cayenne pepper
Clove (to address coccidia)
20-30 cc water. Blend smooth with a few garlic cloves...drench 2x a day. If dose is too large, split in half and do 4x a day.

Herbs vs. chemicals is basically a matter of which you know to work. If you've had success with one, go with that. If you've had success with neither, both can be done. The herbs are just good food to support the body even if you don't rely on them to kill all the parasites completely.
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If it's fresh tobacco leaves it can help. Personally I would not use cigarette, pipe, chew or cigar tobacco that has been not just heavily sprayed but also addictive like tar and such in it. It may work but you are dumping a whole lot of other junk in them.
You could do herb acutely toaddress both the BP and the coccidia. I can day since using natural treatment I have less issues. But I have a small herd and it's easy enough for me to do acute treatment when needed. If it's not possible to do acutely then choose a good chemical dewormer that works for you.
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