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Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by firelight27, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Beyond now having lice, my little buckling is acting sick. He is hunched up and shivers when he sleeps. I gave him a warm, soapy enema because I suspected constipation. I kind of figure this was the issue as quite a bit of poo came flying out with the water when I squeezed him. I'm pretty sure he is now empty. He was eating fine last night, but this morning his appetite was so-so (of course mine would be too if i was constipated.) It has been an hour since I gave him his enema and he still acts "blah". Not happy or playful and still standing hunched. It seems like he is grinding his teeth a little, but it also seems more like he is starting to chew cud than grind teeth.

    He is 2 weeks and 2 days old, and is a bottle baby on whole cow's milk. He was switched over slowly from dam's milk and did fine on the switch. I am a little worried I fed him too much yesterday morning as his tummy felt awfully full. He gets 3/4 a cup three times a day, warmed up. Do you think it was simply constipation, or do I need to worry about enterotoxemia? His dam was boostered three weeks before he was born, and I don't give the first shot until they are three weeks. I was thinking about going out and buying some anti-toxin and giving it to him to be sure. What is the dosage for his age? He had a temp of 101.7 last night. I retook his temp just now and it said 95.7 but that can't be even remotely correct......He still is leaking some soapy water when squeezed, so I wonder if that is effecting it (I also wonder about the crappy thermometer at times.) he just woke up and seems to be pretty hungry, sucking on fingers and wanting to take the bottle when I offer it (although I'm not giving him more at this point until he seems better.) When he lies down he wants to lie on his front with his butt in the air...?
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    You really need to get a good temp. Try another goat to see if your thermomater is working. If not try to get one ASAP. 95 is way too low and if thats correct he needs to be warmed up asap. Put him in a garbage bag with his head out and put him in a tub of very warm water. The bag is so he doesnt' get wet. Or put some towels in dryer to warm up and wrap him up. Maybe try the coffee mixture too. I'm sure more experienced will be along but right now a good temp is critical.