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    I'm in FFA this year and I'm raising a Boer goat doe. As it's getting colder and I have shows coming up, I've been looking for a blanket for her. My ag teacher doesn't allow the spandex tubes. She will have a heat lamp in her pen when it gets really cold so I dont know how much she would need the blanket for at home. I have no past experience with livestock other than horses and rabbits. I need to have a blanket on her when she's in the trailer on the way to shows. I bought a blanket before her first show but she peed on it. I'm not sure if there are any other types of blankets I could use that she won't pee on. I looked online but I didn't find anything that would work. What do most people with does use?
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    Why can you not use the tubes while in transport? I think jeffers or valley vet has a specific coat type blanket that should stay dry. Iirc they only cover the top of the body. What about just getting a human sweater and cutting it to fit her well? I have done this with a doe that was cold after anesthesia. It was a ribbed sweater so it snugged against her. Get a smaller size that you think you will need so it stays on good.
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    I have use dog coats - the type that wrap around the belly and chest with velcro with great success for elderly goats, etc. Cheap and easy to order - I use Jeffers.
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