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@NickersNNeighs - did you receive necropsy results? How is the other sanctuary goat?
Overload of strongoyles and coccidia, caused impaction in the 4th chamber of the stomach, caused the stomach to rupture and she died of sepsis. Surgery was not an available option to save her, as she would have not survived it. She was too far gone. It wasnt something I did that caused it, it was due to her not being taken care of properly at the sanctuary.

Her momma is doing ok, we got the lice under control, she is happily up to proper weight, I am drying her off now as I feel confident that she will still hold her weight as I back off the grain intake to lower her production. She has hay 24/7 and literally BOUNCES to the milking stand. Although tonight we found an abcess on her udder that popped. She has had this lump since we got them back on the back of her left udder, I was thinking it was a lump of scar tissue due to making a new thread about that.

So sorry I didnt get back to you sooner, I have been having health issues of my own, just got diagnosed with "complicated migraines" which cause me to have stroke like symptoms and I cannot function for days. Hoping the meds work and I can get back to my crazy normal.
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